Monday, December 31, 2007

What I've been working on!

I wanted to share with you what I've been working on the past few days.....snowmen! Last year I purchased a couple of small snowmen for our tree, and this year I went back to get some more, but the store didn't have them. DH said, well, why not make your own surely it can't be too hard! Well, with his help here is what we have come up with. All this out of my scrap bag of fabrics and craft supplies. We have made enough to cover my year-round tree. I've decided I want some lace for garland for the tree, but need to make a run to Wal-mart for that. Hopefully, tomorrow I can get a photo of the tree taken and posted. We are very proud of ourselves!
The top photo is an angel that was given to me by a friend from church. It is made using yo-yo's, a thin dowel stick, a very small flower pot and a round ball for the head. The halo is wire, and the head and halo are painted gold, as is the small flower pot for the base. The angel wings are gold ribbon wired together and hot glued on the back. There is a card around her neck which reads.....
Friend Angel
This darling little angel
will watch over all
you do. She'll be a
reminder that you are
loved too!!!
These would be very easy to make also.
I can't believe I'm into all this craft stuff! Oh me, oh my, there is never enough time to do all the things in my "to do" baskets! If I live to be a 100 (which I plan on doing), I will complete everything.
I also want to take this time to wish each of you a very Blessed New Year and hope good health for each of you during the coming year.
Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sharing a Bit of Christmas, finally!

The top photo is our new snow family that came to live with us this holiday season. They will bet to remain with us during the month of January, before being put into their boxes to rest for several months!
The second photo is small gifts I received from friends on a stitching group I belong to. We are a small group of ladies that enjoy stitching and sharing. From Judy, there came a card with a mitten shape on the front with a needle attached, now how did she know I have a hard time keeping up with needles. From Nancy, a beautiful card that will look very nice on my January snow tree. From Britt, in Germany, another beautiful card with a miniture ornament inside. From Christine, a really cute card with a snowman being adorned like a cowboy, and inside was a skein of WDW thread, Sugar Plum. From Joni, another beautiful card with two skeins of Carrie's Threads. I have never stitched with these threads, so will have to find a chart to use them on. The colors are Olives and Too Blue. And from Heidi, our list mom, a beautiful card which I can't read, since it is in Dutch and a ribbon set for making pinkeeps in 2008. Thank you ladies for thinking of me. I love each item and your thoughtfulness.
The third photo is a couple of gifts I received from Tresa, my best friend from church. Tresa is so talented. She painted the Santa on a brick and added the cap. This was my gift from her last year. And this year she made the cat from holiday fabric. They add so much to our holiday decorations.
And finally, this was our Christmas tree this year! With Wayne's health the way it is, we didn't want to bother putting up the large tree and doing all the decorating that we normally do. One year, I didn't get Christmas decorations down until July 4th, and would not have taken them down then, but we were having a family event here.
I hope each of you had a Blessed Christmas and I wish each of you many Blessings and Good Health in the new year of 2008.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

An Interesting Day!

My DH had cataract surgery yesterday on his right eye. He spent most of yesterday afternoon napping in his recliner. This morning we had to see the doctor in his office to get the patch removed and the eye checked. The nurse removed the patch and PANIC......he could not see, everything was a blur. But, before we left the doctor's office things were better and Dr. Butler said it would take a couple of days for the eye to clear up, but that everything would be fine. So today we have spent the day putting drops, to different kinds, in his eyes and watching the clock to make sure we do it every two hours. We get to do this for 3 days, then only one kind of drop for the next 4 weeks. Then, next Monday, he has the other eye done, and we do the same thing all over again! Life will be very interesting here.

I haven't done much with my Christmas decorating. I need to get myself in gear, as we are having friends over this Sunday evening for refreshments. Also, need to decide what I'm going to serve. I know I will be having hot apple cider and the Creamy Apple Dessert I posted on my recipe Blog,

I'm still stitching on some small Christmas decorations for my tree. A friend at TOPS this morning (I weighed in at 7:30 this morning and left), gave me a handmade quitted ornament for the tree. It is a Santa and so very cute. Maybe I will get a photo posted in the next few days.

Time for more drops in DH's eye!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

A new month begins!

Today is the first day of December and I have all my Fall decorations down and put away. Now it is on to Christmas decorations. We aren't going to put every thing up this year....there will only be one tree, here in the gathering room, center pieces on the dining room table and kitchen table. A few assorted items on other tables around the house, wreaths on all three doors, candles in the windows, and Christmas CD's in the player. No fireplace mantel decorations, no large flocked tree in the living room and gathering room, and no small trees in the three bedrooms.

But...we will be thankful for our health, our home, our son and DIL, and our wonderful grandchildren. Wayne and I will spend a very quiet Christmas here at home, as the doctor's do not think it wise for him to travel this year, with the urinary tract problem and the COPD. My shopping is done. I need to wrap everything and get it all in the mail this next week.

Wayne is having his first cataract surgery this Monday on the right eye and the left eye done the following Monday. We are also anticipating prostate surgery sometime this month. He has been busy all week doing things in the yard, getting wood where I can handle it for the fireplace and the wood stove. Making sure both vehicles are serviced and in good condition, as I will be doing most, or all, of the driving.

Today was very windy, however, the temp did get up into the lower 60's, but it sure looked much colder from my kitchen window. It really looked like it could snow, but the temp was way too high.

Well, I've rambled enough for today. Time to stitch a bit and watch the Missouri/Oklahoma game. Of course, we are hoping Missouri wins!