Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stitching.... and this & that................

This is a freebie from There is a chart for winter, spring and summer also. I just think they are cute and think they would make cute pinkeeps.

This is another freebie, but I can't remember where I found it at. I stitched it with Presencia threads, so it has a different look, but I like it. I'm not sure what I will do with this, maybe an ornament for my Halloween tree.

This is another freebie from Plum Pudding Needleart and I love it. It's going to be made into a magnet to hang on my refrigerator during October and November.

And, lastly, this is a Lizzie Kate design. Since Wayne and I love coffee I thought this would be really cute to hang above my coffee pot. I purchased the banner for it also and it has coffee beans on it.

Sorry for the wrinkles in these designs, I haven't pressed them yet, and you can tell I stitch with a hoop. I use a 5" hoop, because of the arthritis in my hands. When I started stitched I held the fabric in my hand, but over the years Mr. Arthur has come to live with me.

I am still stitching on "Harvest Blessing", and am going to start on "Fall Sampler" from Prairie Grove Peddler.

We have a Severs family reunion tomorrow, so Wayne has all his genealogy stuff out tonight looking through it and making notes about people he wants to visit with tomorrow and photo's he wants to take of different families.

We talked with our son, Gordon, who is stationed in Germany this morning. He had a birthday this past Wednesday and we waited until today to call, because of the time change. He and Tammy are doing very well, but they will be spending another year in Germany because of his job with the Air Force. They are going to try to come to the states for Christmas this year to see family and friends. We also visited with our grandchildren, Eric and Courtney today. They live with their mother in Ocean Springs, MS. They are in the area of the hurricane and, of couse, we are worried about them. Their mother, Raeleen, is a government employee at Keesler AFB there, and she told us that all government employees have been ordered to evacuate the area as of 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning. She wanted us to know that they will be moving to her mother's, who lives farther upstate in MS. Of course, we would prefer that they come here, but for the time being this is their plan, but they know they are more than welcome to come here.

I hope everything is having a GREAT Labor Day weekend. But, remember to be safe.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Fall and Halloween stitching.............

Stitching is coming along very well for me these days. I had to resign from my volunteer jobs at church, because of health reasons, and find that I am a more relaxed person and actually enjoy stitching more than ever. The below photo is what I am stitching on now. It is Waxing Moon Design, Harvest Blessings. I am stitching it on 14 ct. Aida called parchment and getting the exact look I wanted. Oh, I am stitching only the pumpkin with the leaves and acorns. I have some pumpkin fabric that I am going to use to make it into a hanging.

This next photo is a couple of freebies I've had forever and don't even remember where I got them from. Since my birthday is on Halloween I love all things that go along with Halloween.... candy corn, black cats, pumpkins, acorns, that Harvest Candy that have out, black and orange jelly beans and WITCHES! You also see the fabric I have for these designs, as I am going to make them into pinkeeps.

This next photo is another finish. It is Heart~in~Hand, Inspiration design. They came in individual cards, and you could either stitch with individually or all on one piece of fabric, which is what I did. I'm not sure what to do with this, but am leaning toward a fabric wall hanging.

I also have a couple of other projects that I am working on, and will share these with you in a few days.

The weather here in SW Missouri is just like Fall, and I am so ready for Fall to come, as it is my favorite time of year. I love the Fall colors, the leaves falling, and wearing Fall clothes. But what I like best about Fall, is sitting on my patio in the early morning hour (6:00 to 6:30 a.m.) with my cup of coffee, bundled up in a warm afghan watching the sun come up and the dew on the grass.

Blessings to All,

Monday, August 11, 2008

A day in Kansas City..........

Last Wednesday, we traveled to Kansas City, MO with our group from Freeman Advantage, which is sponsored by our hospital. We left Joplin at 7:30 a.m., after having muffins, coffee and juice in the hospital lobby. We arrived in KC in time for lunch at Harvery House at Union Station. Harvery House is known for their hamburgers/cheeseburgers/onion rings/french fries, and we had all of them. Very delish! We then walked The Link which connects The Westin, the Hyatt Regency, the Shops of Crown Center, Crown Center Offices and the Science City at Union Station. It is a wonderful way to cross the busy streets of KC. We had a short time to window shop before going up to the American Heartland Theatre to see the play, Always Patsy Cline. It was a very enjoyable play. After the play there was more shopping, then we boarded the bus for our return trip to Joplin. A very enjoyable day, without driving, fighting the traffic, and trying to find your way around in KC. The next day trip is planned for December.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New fabrics, threads and stitching........

The above photo is the fabrics I purchased recently at the Bittersweet Quilts shop. This shop is wonderful. She has over 2000 bolts of fabric and the owner is so very helpful. I have signed up to take a quilting class this fall. She also sells Presencia threads, which are made in Spain. I purchased 6 skeins of this thread, all in Fall colors, so am anxious to stitch up a Fall design and try these threads out.

I have been doing some cleaning and sorting, trying to get my small bedroom made into a craft room, and I came across the above chart I was stitching on back in 2006. I believe I was working on this chart while I was down with my hip replacement and broken femur bone. It was a free Quaker design by Carinne and was given out in six parts. I have all of the motif designs, but there is a border on the top, which I don't have. If anyone is familiar with this design, perhaps you have stitched it or just have the chart, would you mind to share the top part with me. I would very much like to finish this design.
Wayne and I are off to Kansas City tomorrow for a day trip with the Freeman Advantage group that we travel with. We are going to have lunch at Union Station and see a 1 p.m. matinee Always...Patsy Cline. This will be at the Crown Center American Heartland Theatre.
It is still ~ HOT ~ here, hope everyone is staying cool.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I love sunflowers..............

We have three volunteer sunflowers coming up this year, and this is the first one to bloom. This one is just opening up and I think is beautiful. I love to drive down a road and see a field of sunflowers in bloom. I would give anything if we had enough room here for a field or two of them.
My gathering room is decorated in sunflowers. Many of the items have been given to me by friends and I love each item.
These past few days have been a bit sad, as a very dear friend has passed away. Nancy went in the hospital on Thursday, July 24 for heart surgery. On the following Tuesday she had a massive stroke and fell into a coma and passed away yesterday (Friday) at noon. Several of my sunflower items have come from Nancy and she always crocheted me bright yellow dish cloths for my kitchen. Nancy and I became friends when I joined TOPS. She was the treasurer and always kept us on our toes with our dues and little extra's we paid to the club. In 2006 when she had her knee replaced, she asked if I would fill in for her as treasurer and I agreed, of course, I was told it would only be for a few weeks........well, I'm still treasurer, Nancy never wanted the job back. She would tell people, "well, Barb, does such a good job, why would I want to mess things up". Nancy will be greatly missed by everyone in the club, as she was just one of those persons that always had a smile and a pleasant word for everyone. She always sat in the same place at every meeting, always went to lunch with us after the meetings, and always traveled with us to out of town meetings. She was also a wonderful Christian lady. I will miss her greatly.