Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Beautiful Surprise.......

Dear Margaret,

What a beautiful gift you have sent to me, thank you so very much. I was at church cooking this afternoon and DH called and said I had received a package from Margaret in Spain. I told him to bring it to me as soon as he could. Well, lo and behold, it is a beautiful apron, (I love aprons and collect them), which Margaret had made and stitched designs for the pockets. It is just the sort of apron I like. She also made a hot pad to go along with it. Margaret, all the ladies at church "made over" this masterpiece, and several told me I didn't need another apron, but they certainly did. Margaret is a wonderful, caring friend who is British, but not lives in the beautiful country of Spain. She and I met several years ago on a stitching group, and are now in a very special group with other very caring ladies. They have all been very special to me the last few months, during my DH illness and surgery. I cannot thank you enough for this very thoughtful gift dear friend. Wayne said it is to be worn only for special occasions.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

What I'm stitching on..........

This is what I am stitching on right now. I only have 3 lines left to stitch, then I need to decide on fabric for the backing, as I am going to make this into a banner. It will be for Wayne' birthday next month.

Friday, February 22, 2008

A Lovely Surprise!

Since my DH is still recovering from his past hospital stay and surgery he is suppose to walk everyday, so he goes to Wal-mart twice a day and walks around the store. This morning he went rather early as we had a 10 a.m. doctor's appointment in Joplin. Since I was not quite put-together he went alone to do his daily walk, which usually takes him about 45 minutes. When he came home he had a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me, which was certainly a surprise. You see, for Valentine's Day he gave me a beautiful card with a crisp $100.00 bill in it, to purchase stitching stuff, as he calls it, and a large box of Chocolate Covered Cherries (I love those things!).
So, needless to say this was a "lovely surprise". He said they were to cheer me up since I've had the flu this week. YES, I took a flu shot last fall, but it did not cover what I've had this week! This lovely bouquet certainly did cheer me up. So I came home this afternoon and made him a Caramel Apple Cake, which I have posted the recipe on my other Blog,

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Valentine's Day Exchange.

The stitching group I belong to had a Valentine's Day Exchange, and I received a wonderful gift from Nancy V in Ohio. She is a most wonderful caring lady and the mom of our list mom, Heidi.
I was so thrilled with the gifts she sent to me....A wonderful bag to put my stitching projects in or other things I might want to tote along with me. She even took the time to stitch my name on the front of it in a very pretty heart shape of veins and flowers. It is lined with red gingham fabric and a has a large pocket on the outside. The other gifts she included was a box of Russell Stover candies, a pair of red mittens which she knitted and a heart-shaped snowman. All these items were wrapped individually in red tissue paper, and on a couple of them she had cut out red checked hearts and pasted on the paper.
I love all the items Nancy, thank you so very much. To see what I sent to Nancy, check out her Blog at
I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day, I know I did.