Saturday, January 10, 2009

and the Saga continues

Okay, I'm back with more photo's of my home, and this will be the last of the remodeling project.

The photo below is the family wall in our gathering room. I started with a photo of Wayne and myself in the middle and went to the right with my family and to the left with his family. We enjoy looking at these photo's very much.

This photo is taken in the gathering room. The reason for this photo is so you can see the sunflowers on the mantel. Gordon and Tammy know I love sunflowers and there is a company in Italy that makes ceramic items and and that is where the sunflowers items came from. Now the ones on the hearth did not come from Italy, they are just plain silk flowers!

The photo below is the gathering room so you can see the carpet. The color of the carpet is Fossil, and it is very easy to take care of. Sorry it turned out so dark.

This is someday going to be my sewing/craft room. Right now it is very messy, but much better than it was a few days ago. I'm slowly working on getting it into some kind of order that will be workable for me. We also need to paint this room, and I think it is going to be a light green.

Here we have our guest room (we still refer to it as Gordon's room even though he hasn't lived at home in 20+ years! It is painted Faraway Blue.

And this is the Master bedroom and painted Thai Silk, pretty bright, but I love it.

Now, this is the bathroom, but I wanted you to see the floor covering in here. It is Mannington covering, also very easy to care for. This is also the flooring in my kitchen. Oops, I forgot to take a photo of the front entrance flooring, oh well, it is wood flooring, and I think very pretty.

And finally, my counter tops. They are Quartz, suppose to wear better then granite, and all I have to do is wipe them with Windex window cleaner! Now you can't beat that!

And that is the ending......In a few days I will post some Christmas photo's, was going to do it today, but this is already long enough!

Thank you for looking. You can click on any of the photo's to see them up closer.

Blessings to All,


Proverbs 31 said...

Thank-you for sharing your lovely home. I love your quilts Marie x

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Hi Barbara, Your house looks fantastic, you all did so much, but I love how everything looks. I really love the red wall and the tin back splash.

You and Wayne did good!!!

Friendship in stitches

Nancy said...

I enjoyed my tour of your home Barbara! What a fantastic wall of photos in your Gathering Room. I love the ceramic sunflowers too. Did you make the bandana quilt? It's pretty and so colorful. I love your Thai Silk walls. Like the name of the color too. And, your countertops are gorgeous. Enjoy all of it - you certainly deserve to relax and just take it all in.

Brigitte said...

Barbara, your home looks wonderful. You've done a fantastic remodeling job. The colours for the different rooms, the new floors, the accessories, all is chosen so well. I love you family wall, you must be standing there often and look at the pictures. Enjoy your "new" home!

Elizabethd said...

Did you make that wonderful quilt on the bed? What an attractive house you have.

diane said...

Well, you look like you have a new house!! All your changes are so pretty. I love walls covered in family, it means so very much. A beautiful fireplace, too, makes me miss mine! Enjoy your new, warm and coziness!

hazel said...

Your home is lovely Barbara and you have both worked so hard. Love the quilts are they your work. The family photos are arranged so attractively. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful place. Hugs, Hazel (UK)

Clare said...

Barbara you have been busy - and with stunning results. Now you can sit back and enjoy all your hard work.

Heidi said...

Is the corner in the Gathering Room where you sit at the computer to talk to all of us? :) Now I will be able to picture you there. It looks like such a great place to spend time in that room. Thanks for sharing your home with us.

Hugs ~

Nancy said...

Hi Barbara:
Your home looks so very welcoming. I think I see a Camal Saddle footstool. We were stationed in Africa, and they had them there. You countertop is really nice. Everyting looks great. Love the quilts.