Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Merry Month of March.......

I can't believe March is already here....but March brings many things for us. The first day of Spring, my hubbies birthday, my mom's birthday, our grandson's birthday, my step-dad's birthday, and the birthday of two nephews, phew, a full month of birthdays. March also brings the start of planting season for some flowers and vegetables. And, we have St. Pat's day in March and the wearing of the green!

Frist I have a photo of my DH, who will celebrate 70 years young this year (don't tell him I told). Wayne and I met at Crowder College here in Neosho, taking speech class. We were married in May of 1965. The photo shows him with our two dogs, Fred and Maggie Mae. This photo was taken last summer (and I think I posted it last summer also).

Now..for some stitching.

The is a design by Heidi at This is the design she shared for the month of February. I love the way this turned out. For the handle I simply cut strips of the backing fabric and braided them. Each of these designs will be hung on my Christmas tree this year. I am very anxious to see the next one, which she will post on March 15. These are quick easy designs to stitch up and I do stitch them up quickly, but my problem is getting things finished. As you can probably guess I would rather stitch than finish!

The first photo is the front and the next photo is the back of this very cute design.

You can click on any of the photo's to enlarge them.

I hope each of you have a Merry Month of March also.



Natasha said...

Love your little ornament..

Nancy said...

Such a nice photo of Wayne with your dogs Barbara, and I like your braided fabric hanger on your ornament.

Nancy said...

Hi Barbara:
I can sympathize with Wayne, I am turning 70 in March also. LOL.
Where did the years go?
I love your design finish. That braid is just great. What a neat idea. It adds just he right touch.
Have a great day and a great March.
Love Nancy

Proverbs 31 said...

I've started the little ornaments too but my sewing machine packed in so they are not backed yet!! Yours looks lovley. Marie x

Angela said...

Wow Barbara,
What a lot of birthdays you have in March. It's a bit like that for us in February :>)
Happy birthday to Wayne this month - tell him he doesn't look a day over 60 :>) It must behaving a loving wife that keeps him so young !

I just love your stitching. The little ornament Heidi designed looks so pretty.
Lots of good wishes Angela

Heidi said...

Ah yes but your finishing on both this one and Believe are just fabulous. So it is worth stopping stitching to do the finishing. I love your Let It Snow. The handle is just so adorable as is the choice of blue check fabric.

You are one busy lady in March. Big celebrations for Wayne being a wise 70 and showing everyone that life is great at any age. I admire how he works to make you a wonderful garden.

Hugs ~

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