Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The above photo is our grandson, Eric. Today is his 15th birthday, and here you see him horsing around. I told him to smile pretty and this was what I got in response! DH will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow. My stepdad had his birthday yesterday and my mom will celebrate her birthday next Wednesday.

Today is the first day of Spring and it is beautiful here, sunny, in the upper 60's, BUT the wind will knock you over, it is so strong. However, I do love this time of year. The purple clovers have all bloomed out in the yard, my forsythia is blooming and the trees are starting to bud out. My jonquils have bloomed and are almost gone, since I lost some during the icy, cold weather. We also lost our mock orange bush and I'm not sure about my Rose of Sharon. Hopefully, this weekend will be nice and DH and I can work out in the yard and finishing cleaning up and do some planting and playing in the dirt.

"A good laugh fills your home with Sunshine."


Solstitches said...

Happy Spring Barbara!
I hope Eric enjoyed his birthday - he is growing fast.
Best wishes to the rest of the family members who have their birthdays coming up. It sounds as though you will be eating lots of cake :)

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Eric! Hope you and your husband have lots of fun "playing in the dirt".

Take care,