Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Pat's Day!

March is here and I am way behind. This month our grandson, Eric will turn 15 and my Dear Hubby will also add another year, as will my Mom and stepdad!
The yahoo stitching group I belong to did an Irish Exchange this month for St. Pat's Day. We were instructed to mail a St. Pat's Day card with 6 skeins of green thread. My partner was Margaret, who is from England, but now lives in Spain. Margaret and I have known each other for several years now and she is a very gracious, caring lady. And her stitching is beautiful. I received from her a lovely, beautiful pinkeep, with a quaker motif stitched in green, trimmed with green ribbon and pearl pins. This is so lovely and something I will add to my treasure box and keep forever. She also included, not only 6 skeins of thread, Crescent Colours Meadow Green; Six Strands Sweet, Spice Drop; WDW, Hunter; and 3 silks from Vicki at Hand-dyed fibers, Hunter, Spring Green, and Emerald. All of these were from her own stash. She also included a card with a quote from Maya Angelou, "There is an intimate laughter to be found only among friends." Also was included a small packet of kleenex with Froggy Friends designs on them and a beautiful post card, since she could not find a St. Pat's Day card, with scenes of Spain and places that Margaret has visitied. All of this was enclosed in a lime green drawstring bag. You can see all of this in the top photo on the left, and the photo on the right shows the pinkeep.
And to my pleasure a few days later, I received a card from Margaret, saying that a good friend in England had helped her find a St. Patty's Day card for me, and to add to all of this, she had filled the card with shamrock confetti and included another skein of thread from Ozark Sampler, Sea Cucumber. Dear Margaret, I cannot thank you enough for all of these wonderful goodies. You have been so gracious to me over the years.
To each of you I wish you a very Happy St. Patty's Day, remember to wear green and have a cup of green tea, its good for you!


Nancy said...

Hi Barbara!

Hope you had a nice St. Patrick's Day. I drank green tea along with you. The exchange package you received from Margaret is lovely. Such beautiful goodies you now have in your stash. Her pinkeep is gorgeous. Such a lovely person Margaret is! I love your little St. Patrick's Day pillow too.

Big hug,

Solstitches said...

Hi Barbara,
It was such a pleasure being paired up in the exchange with you.
My chance to do something nice for you when you do so much good for others.
The little pillow you stitched is adorable.
I hope everything is going well with the business move. We miss you on the group and hope you will be back soon :)

Renee said...

What a beautiful exchange and wonderful gifts. You had a very generous partner, and you'll remember her every time you'll use her threads. I like St Patrick's life very much, and I already taught some of his sayings to the children at church. I do love celtic music too. So I had every thing to remember St Pat's day, even if we don't celebrate it in France at all. Yet I do like keep festivals from other countries too. I wish you a vonderful week.

Heidi said...

So nice to see something on your blog again. I know life is so busy for you right now but I do miss you! I loved seeing your exchange gifts. Enjoy them and may the luck of the Irish be with you all year round.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Barbara,
I would love to know more about your group. I am a stitcher too. I love looking at your blog.

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