Sunday, August 19, 2007

Almost like Fall!

I can't believe this weather. We have had 3 digit temps since the 1st of August, then yesterday it was in the 90's and today it's in the 80's. It looks and feels just like a beautiful Fall day, and I love it.

We've had an eventful weekend here in the Ozarks. The funeral service for the three shooting victims last Sunday was held yesterday, in Anderson which is aboout 10 miles from here. Today the Congregational Church, where the shootings happened had a memorial service. The Micronesian's from all over came for the funeral service and the memorial service. They are a very close community of people. My DH has worked for some of these people over the years and found them to be very kind and friendly people and love to be living the USA. There was also a healing service later this afternoon to help our community as a whole get over this terrible tragic. My heart goes out to all of these people.

Not much else is happening here. We attended Sunday School and church this morning, and went to a friend's house for lunch. Debbie asked me bring the dessert and I made a pineapple pie and a chocolate snack cake, and came home empty handed! You can see the recipes on my recipe Blog.

I cross stitched a bit yesterday, not making much progress, but every stitch counts!

I leave you with this:

Weatherwise, it's such a groovy day.
Frank Sinatra
Blessings to all, dear friends,


Tanya said...

Hi Barbara,
I was thinking of you when that came on the news because the city name was yours. How sad and dreadful for those families.

Glad to see you updated your Blog :) Hope you have a great week!

Renee said...

At last I come and leave a friendly comment on your blog.I was not able to use a computer this summer, so I didn't notice that you had written 2 posts again in August. I'm so glad to read you again, even if the news are not so good. Here we are really in Fall now, with golden leaves flying from the trees down, and we have to add fog at morning over the landscape (owing to the fact that we are settled along a very large river). Summer was summerized for me in the words "surgery" and "hospital". I had very serious and totally sudden heart surgery in the middle of July (I was driven to the hospital in the middle of the night like your DH) , then surgery a second time three weeks later. After all this I spent more than 2 months in 4 various hospitals, because of many complications! Now I'm back home but with daily nursing care and I recover very slowly. My family was wonderful during all this time, and my church too. They helped a lot. For many weeks I couldn't use a computer at hospital. Now I'm very glad to be able to use it again, as I can cross stitch too, both activities being fitted very well with the quiet life I must have.Also I can care for my online cross stitch shop again and send the orders to customers (
I wish you very quiet and happy coming days. I'll visit you again soon. Hugs from France.