Monday, July 28, 2008

More Flowers...........

And we have more flowers................
The top photo is my very small butterfly garden. It is located at the east end of our house, but we have decided to move it to the backyard by our flower garden. We think we will enjoy it more there. We have a butterfly bush, lantana in the pot, and a purple verbena. Small not, but next Spring it will grow.
The next photo is my hosta's on the east end of the house. I love hosta's, mainly because they don't require much care. However, when they bloom they are beautiful.
Next, we have my lily garden, these very hardy plants blooom from Spring until Fall, all we have to do is water them.
This purple clematis is planted in the original flower bed in the back yard. When I purchased it they told me it was white, someone must be color blind! This is the first year for this beautiful plant, but it is growing rapidly and now I have two blooms on it.
And lastly, we have the other half of the flower bed. This is the one that DH and the animals were getting ready to put in. The fence is taller than we actually started with, but Fred kept jumping the shorter one and watching over the plants.
I hope you have enjoyed my flowers and much as we do. We are talking about planting wild flowers in the back yard next susan's, Queen Ann's lace, wild violets, and many more. I think DH is trying to get out of mowing!
I hope everyone is having a peaceful, cool day.


angelasweby said...

Your garden pictures are exquisite. I love the way you have grouped your plants and enclosed them. The hostas are lovely. We have quite a few but have to beware of the dreaded slugs. I love your lilies and the clematis is glorious, what a colour!! We have quite a few totally different clematis. They must have been favouorites of the original owner of the house. Their flowering periods all vary too which is really nice.
Warm hugs, Angela

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing more photos of your beautiful flowers! What a cute turtle hiding among the hostas!

Christine said...

Hi Barbara,

Your flowers are just beautiful. Love the lilies even though they are not white :-) Wonderful to see Wayne out and about and working in the garden.


Nancy said...

Your butterfly garden is just so cute. Hope it works ok when you move it. My cousin gave me several starts of hostas, she calls them Stella Doras. They grow with no help so I love them. I am no gardener, so that is just what I need. Your garden is just so pretty and it is nice to see it in pictures.
Nancy V

Heidi said...

Is Fred you garden angel??? :) I think you should allow Wayne to get out of mowing the grass if it means wildflowers. I love wildflowers. Your hosta's look perfect so I guess you don't have any slugs and snails living in your garden?

Hugs ~

hazel said...

Hi Barbara, Your little gardens are beautiful and your butterfly garden will sure attract many buterflies. I love the bricks in front of the hosta's also the bark around the plants.
Thank you so much for sharing your little oasis with us.

Love Hazel