Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fall decorations, an Autumn swap, and 2 finishes.....

These two photo's are the pumpkin I made this weekend. I took a couple of separate patterns and combined them to make the pumpkin. I think it turned out really cute.

This is the Fall decoration on my dining room table. In a post a while back I showed you the turkey and pumpkin I came across when I was cleaning out closets, that our son had made back in grade school. The other pumpkin is one I made this weekend.

This is the pinkeep Joni made for me for the Autumn Swap, that was held on one of the online groups I belong to. This is so beautiful and certainly reminds me of October. I love it Joni.

This is the entire collection of items Joni sent me for the Autumn Swap. She not only made the pinkeep, but included some limited edition GAST threads, an Autumn decorated notepad, and a wonderful packet of pumpkin patch scented envelope. Thank you ever so much Joni.

This is from the chart, October 31 pin cushion, designed by Stacy Nash. I love this small token to Halloween. Instead of using it for a pin cushion, I put a twine hanger on it and hung it up, as a reminder for my DH, cause my birthday is October 31. The large safety pin and buttons are out of my MIL's button tin.

This is the Autumn Sampler chart, from LHN, I finished about 10 days ago. I showed it when I started on it. I am going to do the other seasons in this series and make them into a quilted banner.


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Heidi said...

Good to see that you made a plumpkin! Aren't they great fun to make. I think your table looks great and what a fun rememberance of your son's childhood. Joni's swap gifts are great and the pinkeep is adorable. I look forward to seeing your Autumn Sampler made into a wallhanging. You stitched it up so quickly.

Hugs ~

Nancy said...

Beautiful photos Barbara! I love your pumpkin, and how clever to put two patterns together. I also love your personal touches of the pinecone and leaves! Your centerpiece is very sweet, your October 31 hanging piece is wonderful with the addition of your MILs pin and buttons, and I love your Autumn sampler. You have done so much I can tell October and Autumn are favorites of yours. Nice exchange package too.

Nancy said...

Ohhhhhh how cute the pumpkins are. You should also post a picture of the wonderful pillow and pinkeep you made for me. I did, but maybe not everyone will see it on my blog. I love everything you sent me. I can't wait to send your birthday gift. Such a cute pinkeep from Joni too.

angelasweby said...

I've loved reading your news and seeing your beautiful Autumn displays. Your plumpkins are really lovely, Maybe, next year, I'll have time to make a few too :>)
I love the Halloween exchange pinkeep you got from Joni, it's such a bright design and all the extra prezzies make the exchange such fun!
Warm hugs, Angela

Kathy said...

Enjoyed your blog this early morning Barbara! Your Stacy Nash October 31 is really nice looking with the pin! Good idea for the reminder for your dh! I also "love" your fabric pumpkin you made! Very pretty!

Lizzy said...

Oh, I LOVE your pumpkin, Barbara!!! How adorable is that??? I just love it! I'll have to learn how to make those and I'd most likely leave mine out year 'round! lol

And how sweet and precious are your Autumn finds that your son made for you! What wonderful treasures! :-)

I love the pinkeep Joni made for you... Crows and Pumpkins... my fave! lol Wonder who the designer is as I haven't seen that one around before... at least I don't remember seeing it... And what lovely goodies she sent along with it! :-)

Oh, and your Stacy Nash finish is just BEAUTIFUL!!! Loving it and yup... it would just be hanging out all year too... {Just think Wayne will have a constant reminder all year long of your birth date! lol} It's lovely Hun and I can't wait to get that one and stitch it as well...

And I love your LHN finish as well... I want to stitch that one too.. I can't wait to see your quilted wall banner... It's going to be a Beauty! :-)

Another lovely post with lots of eye candy to ohhh and ahhhh over! Thanks for sharing, Hun!


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