Sunday, October 19, 2008

Silver Dollar City

Last Thursday I was signed up for a Cooking Class in the new Culinary & Craft School at Silver Dollar City in Branson. We are just under 2 hours from SDC so we visit there often, purchasing season passes each year. My class was scheduled for 11 a.m. and we arrived shortly before 10 a.m. The photo above is what you see as you come around the bend coming west from highway 76, and it is the entrance to the road to SDC. Just Beautiful! We entered the city, I picked up my ticket for the class (also picked up my ticket for the class I am taking on November 6, which will be pies), the class this day was Savory Dishes. I was not too sure how this class would work or just what Savory Dishes would be.....but soon found out. We made our way to the new building, which looks just like someone's home, both on the outside and inside. When I checked in, the young lady at the desk asked if anyone in my party would like to take the class with me, I told her it was just myself and my hubby, and she said "Well, I just have one ticket left, if he would like to take the class", after looking around and discovering there were other guys in the class he said "sure, why not". After standing in line for a short while, we were admitted to the kitchen, which is any woman's dream...BEAUTIFUL. The classroom was set up like one of Emeril's cooking shows. We sat at one of the high tables, by the fireplace, one other lady from Liberty, MO joined us. Each spot had a Midwest Living Magazine, a recipe card for a pumpkin cheesecake, and a recipe for the days Savory Dish, which was to be Harvest Skillet. Now this dish is one you can purchase at different places in SDC and is very yummy. Our culinary master, Debbie Dance Uhrig, was a pure delight, not only in cooking, but keeping us entertained during the hour long class. The recipe turned out to be very simple to make and very tasty. One I can even make at home, when I occasionally cook! The hour simply went by much to fast. Hubby and I both enjoyed the time and the taste treat. After the class, Wayne said he thought he might like to take the pie class also, so we got him signed up for that class with me. So you know where we will be on Thursday, November 6.

Yours truly with one of the many decorations around SDC. The decorations are all just beautiful.

More of the decorations!

This is a tree made entirely from pumpkins! There are two of these located at you walk into the entrace to SDC.

This is the world's largest cornucopia filled with pumpkins.

September 11 - October 25 has been National Harvest Festival at SDC. This photo is just one of the many old time farm equipment which was featured during this festival.

Who knows what these figures are made out of? Any guesses? Well, they are made out of BUTTER, yes......they are carved out of BUTTER!

As we were leaving we stopped to see the draft Mules they had come out of Oklahoma to be on diplay during Harvest Festival. A couple of times during the day they are hooked up to a wagon and enter the city for people to see, pet and ride in the wagon. A wonderful experience for children of all ages.

If you would like a fun, entertaining vacation, I would suggest Silver Dollar City in Branson. Branson, the town itself, has lots to offer for all ages.



Nancy said...

I love Branson, but only went once on a bus trip. The shows are great. You look so cute next to the display, and Wayne also. What fun that he took the class with you. I cannot believe allll that butter. Wow. The pumpkin tree is amazing. What a fun day for you both.

Lizzy said...

Oh, it looks like you had a lovely time Barbara!!! I love all the Autumn decorations... especially the pumpkins, scarcrows and sunflowers! Just lovely! And what a lot of pumpkins!!! :-)

Oh, and how cool are those Butter sculptures??? Wow... I have never heard of that before but they are so neat! :-)

And what a lovely photo of you, and Wayne looks like he's enjoying himself as well! :-)

Thanks for sharing your lovely day out with us... what fun! :-)


Nancy said...

Looks and sounds like such a wonderful time Barbara! What an amazing place Brsnson is! I love the pumpkin tree - it's so beautiful! Great picture of you. Thanks for sharing your enjoyable day!

Fran├žoise said...

Beautifull decorations!!!

hazel said...

What a lovely trip you had Barbara and the butter sculptures are beautiful so life like. I love the scarecrows and they remind me so much of some I knitted years ago. Thank you for sharing.
Warm hugs,

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