Friday, January 05, 2007

A Beautiful Gift ~ from a wonderful friend.

I received these beautiful pinkeeps from a very lovely, caring, generous lady during this past Christmas season. Nancy R. is a member of our online yahoo stitching group, " for the love of stitching". Nancy does such beautiful stitching and these pinkeeps are something that I will cherish and keep forever. Thank you so very much Nancy.

Nancy is decorating her home in South Carolina with her stitching projects. She has several of the first lady samplers, that are designed by Tanya Anderson, The Sampler Girl, finished and already hung in her home. Presently we are stitching on For Mrs. Jefferson: A Colonial Love Song. Nancy is leading us in the SAL. It is a beautiful, colorful Sampler. Tanya's website is:


Nancy said...

Oh my Barbara! I am so very flattered that you put these on your Blog. I hope you enjoy them for a long time to come.


solstitches said...

Hi Barbara,
You've made a wonderful start with your blog and I look forward to visiting with you often.
Your gifts from Nancy are just beautiful.


Heidi said...

Nancy did a beautiful job! And I hope you enjoy them very much Barbara. Sounds like you have enought pinkeeps for starting a basket already. I still have to search for a low one. Will you do something like that too with all yours?