Thursday, January 04, 2007

January ~ Snowpeople!

My Christmas decorations are down and my snowpeople are out! Meet Herman and Hannah, they sit on the shelf above my kitchen sink. Then we have Willy, Gilly, and Jilly they sit on the snowman quilted table topper on my kitchen table. And at my back door we have Fritz and Freda to greet our guests.


Mary Kathryn said...


I have a big crock on my porch too. I'm trying to read the titles on your bookshelf again!


Nancy said...

Hi Barbara,

I love your snow people and their names! How fun. The snow quilt is very nice. Did you make this?

Thanks for sharing your photos,

Heidi said...

WooHoo! I LOVE them! And I think it is so cute you named them too. Everything looks great. Did you make the little snowman quilt?

The Sampler Girl said...

Love them! They are too cute. Glad you started a Blog, Barbara :)

Shari said...

your snowpeople are adorable!!!!! I love all snowpeople!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

Angela said...

Gosh, Barbara,
What a lot has happened since last you blogged. I do hope Marie is improving, what a shock that was. I love your photos,the ice looks amazing, the snow people look very at home. Lovely looking cross stitch magazine, lots of inspiration there and how fantastic to talk to Heidi! Such pretty pinkeeps from Nancy, what lovely friends we have. They are really special! Hugs, Angela

sa said...