Saturday, September 13, 2008

2 Finishes and 1 in progress.........and this and that!

This Acorn design came from San-Man Originals, which I had purchased several years ago. I found it in my stash as I was cleaning out a closet. This came as a kit and all I provided was the fabric.

This is another San-Man Originals and was another kit and I provided the fabric.

And this work-in-progress is from Little House Needleworks, Autumn Sampler. I love the colors for this, they are Crescent Colours threads and so very bright and cheery, just like Fall. There are designs for each season, and I am thinking about stitching all of them and making a banner for the craft room I will someday have!

It is raining here today and very humid, however, I do have the doors and windows open. I love hearing the birds sing and watching them on our feeders. My arthritis is acting up today, and has been most of the week, but I have managed to put a few stitches in Autumn Sampler.

I've kitted up a couple of other charts, at least the threads, for two Little House Needleworks designs, Little House Neighborhood and Yesteryear. I've also ordered fabric for these two and LHN Heart of America.

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and purchased more supplies for pinkeeps. It seems I have discovered several small stitched designs that would look nice as pinkeeps. I also purchased more fabric to make a Fall garland using Yo-Yo's.

Hubby is painting the inside of closets for me today. Then we will paint the rooms and move furniture around. He just loves it when I decide to do these things!

Happy Weekend to everyone.




Nancy said...

Sweet finishes Barbara! I love how you have the Acorn on a twig - so clever and pretty. Autumn Sampler looks to be a pretty one, and I will look forward to your progress and photos of your yo-yo garland! Hope Arthur leaves you soon.

Nancy said...

Ha Ha, I just bet your DH loves it when you decide to do things. I by pass my husband and call my Son.
Your finishes are too cute. Heidi will want to steal the acorn. You wip also is coming along well. Do you have an extra room you could make a sewing room? Hope you won't have to build on, your DH will really not be happy about that. LOL.
Have a great day.
Nancy V

Fran├žoise said...

so beautifull!!!!

Heidi said...

Love your latest finishes Barbara especially the acorn! I have seen Autumn Sampler and it is such a pretty design. Enjoy and remember that stitching is good for your arthritis. It keeps your fingers from getting to stiff.

Hugs ~

diane said...

They are just lovely and I am so glad you found something hidden away that you still love. I really like your start to Autumn Sampler, too, it would be hard to put it down.
Yay, Fall is here!

hazel said...

Beautiful Barbara, the acorn is gorgeous and so like the thousands I have at the bottom of the garden. I love the backing fabric. Thank you for sharing.
Hugs, Hazel

Christine said...

Beautiful little finishes Barbara. I have done that exact same Acorn only I have yet to go out and find a nice twig for it. I shall do that this weekend.

Hope your arthritis has eased up. Like Heidi says stitching is good for it so happy stitching.

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