Saturday, February 24, 2007

Maggie Mae!

Well, Maggie Mae has certainly made herself at home here with us. Here you can see her sitting on Annabelle's climbing/scratching post looking at the birds through the window! She also plays with the ball on the string, which is more than Annabelle does! Of course, Annabelle is still very upset, because we have a DOG in the house!

Unfortunately, Maggie has been sick this week. She has had "kennel cough". The vet tells me this is not uncommon for puppies coming out of animal shelters. So we have been giving her antibiotics, cough syrup and children tylenol. She goes back to the vet this Monday afternoon. But, believe me, I can tell you she is feeling much better. She is just a sweetie.

While at Wal-mart yesterday, I picked up a new book, Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky. I've read a few good reviews on this so thought I would give it a try. I've read one or two other books by this author and enjoyed them. Hope this one is good.

Today, is a rather quite day here at home. I've stitched this morning on my Christmas ornament that is on my February schedule. I'm doing the Lizzie Kate, Happy Holidays, from the 2006 Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornaments magazine. It is working up rather pretty. This afternoon at 3 p.m. I will stitch on Beatrix Potter's Quaker Sampler. This is the time the stitching group, FTLOS, has set aside to stitch on a project.

Be not simply good, but good for something. Thoreau


Mary Kathryn said...

Maggie is so cute! Wow, your stitching and your stash is wonderful!!


Renee said...

What an organized program Barbara! I had plans for my day too, but everything went on differently when children and grand children came home for lunch, then a lady paid me a visit and then I got a long phone call! So I just had time to hurry to prepare meals for tomorrow Sunday. We'll be 10 around the table. No cross stitch today!

Nancy said...

Hi Barbara,

Maggie Mae is so adorable. She has such pretty fur. I hope you enjoyed your afternoon stitching.


Heidi said...

How cute! Maggie Mae looks like she thinks she is a cat! No wonder Annabelle is not happy. It sounds like you are suffering from puppy love Barbara and who can blame you. Enjoy her and I hope her kennel cough is all cleared up very soon.