Thursday, February 01, 2007

My little corner of the World!

February is here. Oh my, where does the time go! We have snow with ice under it, very slick here. But....I don't want to talk about the weather today. Today, I want to share my little corner of the world with you. This is my stitching, reading, Bible study corner in the Gathering Room of my home. This is where I spent part of my time, doing what I enjoy. The photo on the right shows my Little Corner of the World! You can see I have cross stitch items all over, a few books on the end table. BTW, the end table is one my DH made from an old sewing machine stand. My Ott light to help me see those charts and baskets of threads, needles, scissosrs, hoops and whatever else I might need. This is also where I enjoy cups of tea and sweets!

The photo at the left shows one of my Pine Mountain Round Pillows I did a few years back when they came out with them. It was a monthly item, and I did all twelve of them.
The stitching group I belong to is doing a challenge each month. We are doing Christmas ornaments, several different SAL's, plus learning to do other crafts. I am trying to do a Christmas ornament is month and did stitch one in January. It is a small Santa and will post a photo for you later. I also stitched a Pine Mountain Valentine pillow and have another one in the works. I will post photo's of those also.
February the month of love! I love the month of February, it is a short month and we get to share our "love" with family and friends. I will be putting together a box of goodies for my grandchildren and Courtney's birthday is this month, she will be 12 years old.
My dear best friend, Marie, who has heart surgery this past Friday, came home yesterday afternoon. She had four by-passes and is really doing well for a 78 year young lovely lady. Her daughter, Theresa, has been here all week and will be staying through all of next week. They treat me like family and I love them like family. Marie and I are in TOPS together. She is such fun to be with, loves to shop, but she does not do cross stitch, but she does knit. The yellow and brown afghan on the back of chair was made by Marie for my birthday last October.
"This is the day which the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24


Renee said...

My dear Barbara! I'm so glad for this photo and all the connected details you give. I'm glad to see where you live. I made a post on my blog where I showed the places where I cook, I cross stitch and I write on my blog (3 different places of course!) You can see them here
I wish that the weather will improve soon so that you can enjoy walking outside again. Now I'll see your other posts of the week end and add comments too. I come back immediately.

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