Sunday, November 02, 2008

Birthday Gifts galore!

My birthday was on Halloween and my dear friend, Nancy in SC, stitched this Hallow's Eve pillow for me. It is a Stach Nash chart. Nancy does beautiful cross stitch work and I will treasure this gift forever, and display it every October. Notice the very rusty pin with beautiful black buttons attached. Thank you ever so much Nancy.

I belong to a very special online stitching/craft group. There are only 15 in this group, and the ladies are all very caring, loving gals. The following photo's are gifts that they sent to me.

The photo on the left is gifts from Hazel. It is a magnet for my refrigerator with an old leg tub full of flowers. Hazel remembered that I have an old leg tub on my patio, that I fill with flowers each spring and summer. This one has sunflowers in it, and I LOVE SUNFLOWERS, but have never put them in my tub. She also enclosed two skeins of DMC threads, which I can always use.

The photo on the right is what Clare sent to me. It is a charm, in the shape of a flower, for my cell phone and she also enclosed some thread from The Thread Gatherer.

Both of these ladies live in the UK.

This gift is from Angela, who also lives in the UK. She made a beautiful bag and embroided flowers on it. In the bag she had a packet of Lavender sachet and a bar of Lavender soap. The package was smelling so good when it arrived, I could hardly wait until my birthday to open it. She also enclosed some thread.

This beautiful fabric and ribbon is from Heidi, our list mom, and Heidi lives in Holland. This fabric will be used for pin keeps, yo-yo's, or maybe even some blocks for a quilt. The ribbon matches exactly and would look great on a pin keep. Now can't you just see a folded yo-yo with black buttons, me thinks it would be loverly!

This gift is from Nancy, who lives in Ohio. Through this group Nancy and I have discovered we have many things in common. We both like witches and snowmen and we both like some of the same authors. Nancy is also Heidi's mom. Nancy has a machine that does all this fancy stitching work and she did the two hand towels for me, aren't they beautiful? She also stitched, by hand, a book mark, and somewhere she found this cute sign. All of these gifts were wrapped in this beautiful piece of fabric, for more pin keeps, yo'yo's, or quilt blocks, and it was all tied up with a lovely piece of ribbon, but it will be to wide for pin keeps, but it went in my ribbon jar anyway!

Now, this gift is from Margaret, who is British, but retired to Spain, doesn't that just irritate you, she posts all these beautiful sunny, warm days, with beautiful trees and landscape on her Blog. Just kidding Margaret. Actually, Margaret was just too kind to me, she makes these lovely bags, and to be honest, I have been wanting one from the beginning, when she started posting them for us to see. Well, I have my very own. The stitched part is a Lizzie Kate chart, that she did and sewed in the bag. The top has drawstings. This will be a forever, ever, treasure.

Ladies, I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for these beautiful, wonderful gifts. Each of you helped to make my birthday a very special day.

Now, the photo below is "stash" that came in the week of my birthday. My "sweet" hubby never knows what to purchase for me, so this year, he gave me money.....and said, "buy what you want", and I did, and I still have money left over! I have so much stash that I don't know what I want to start on first! But, you see, I'm stocking up for Winter, as we are suppose to have LOTS of snow, and I hibernate when it snows. I think the rest of my birthday money will go toward fabric and threads.

And if I haven't bored you enough already, the last photo is what I discovered sitting in my "gathering room" on my birthday morning. I had made a comment, sometime back that I would someday like one of these rockers..........well, low and behold, I now have one. I have a patio and a front porch, but neither are covered, so for the time being this rocker will sit in my "gathering room" to be admired and used by me and me alone!

You can enlarge each photo my "clicking" on it. Thank you for taking the time to view my birthday page, if you care to leave a message, I would love that.



Lonely Paul said...


Heidi said...

Wonderful gifts my dear friend! I am so glad you had a happy birthday.

Hugs ~

hazel said...

Hi Barbara,

What beautiful gifts you received and so much thought went into them all. I love your rocker also the sunflower hangng on it. So pleased you had a lovely day. Warm hugs, Hazel

Nancy said...

I think you have been totally spoiled. That rocker is great.
All of the gifts you received are just beautiful and so are you.

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Wow, Barbara, what a great birthday stash you received. Love the pillow from Nancy R she does beautiful work and you got a bag from Margaret - lucky you and it is so very cute!! very special.


angelasweby said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday celebration. i have fallen in love with your rocker and can picture you in it relaxing and enjoying looking through your fabulous stash :>) I can see you are going to be very busy. I've enlarged your stash picture and love those charts. Some of them I had never seen before!!

Your gifts are wonderful and all so different. Everyone has sent something that suits you perfectly. Wishing you and Wayne a wonderful year ahead.
Hugs, Angela

Nancy said...

You had a wonderful birthday, didn't you Barbara! All of the gifts you received are so thoughtful. You are so deserving of all these caring friends. Your new rocker looks so comfortable! Enjoy all of your new charts. They look so enjoyable to stitch. I hope I get some snow this year so I can hibernate and stitch too! I can already taste the hot chocolate!

Becky K in OK said...

Wow, girl. You have been showered with good x's. We'll have to celebrate together next year! Love your stash and rocker.

Celtic Shamrock said...

How many beautiful things on your birthday! I am happy to hear that you spent a good birthday. Btw I like sunflowers too! :) Bye, Sara in Italy

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

Oh Goodness, what a wonderful birthday and such beautiful treasures you received for gifts. I hope that your birthday was the most special of days and that the joy you felt on that day continues to bless you throughout the upcoming year.

Joni said...

Lovely presents, Barbara, and the stash is divine!

Sweetie said...

A belated Happy Birthday. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind words. You have also suffered a traumatic experience in your life. You are very special to show so much compassion to me.

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