Monday, January 04, 2010

Believe it or not........I put a finish on a something!

Dear Friends,

I stitched up the freebie Valentine design from Betty of primitivebettys, AND, I put a finish on it. Thought you might like to see....

We are still having VERY COLD weather here in SW Missouri. The temps haven't been above 25 degress since Saturday afternoon when they starting dropping. Tonight it is suppose to be down to 4 tonight, with a high of a BIG 20 tomorrow. Saturday, while I was at Wal-mart I decided I needed a warmer pair of gloves. I have Raynaud's
disease and arthritis in my hands. Wayne suggested I purchase a pair of hunter's gloves and we found the perfect pair. I love them, they aren't fancy or very dressy, but when your fingers turn white you want something warm. They are gloves, but then they are mittens. So have a look at what I bought.

Today I have been stitching on Little House Needleworks ornament, Pear Tree. This is Diane's second ornament in the series. I wasn't sure I wanted to stitch this, but I am actually enjoying this stitch.

I spent some time today looking through charts and pulling threads for some designs I want to stitch this new year. I'll share a list with you in a few days.

Take care and stay warm.



Nancy said...

I believe it, and it's very pretty Barbara! I love that design. I'm going to have to look for that one.

I like your mittens/gloves. They look so warm. And your nails are gorgeous!

Have fun making your list. I'm making one in my head while I stitch.

Nancy said...

Hi Barbara:
I knitted Heidi a pair of fingerless gloves for Christmas. They are so easy to make. Kristy wants me to knit her a pair of mittens like you just bought. I need to hunt a pattern.
Your valentine finish is really cute.
Have fun with your stitching.

primitivebettys said...

That is a super sweet finish, Barbara! :) Now you just need a box of chocolates to go with it. :) Thank you for stitching & sharing... I have your email & will be posting to share on my blog for Friday Finishes.

Love those glove/mittens too! I think we all need a pair of those!

Try to stay warm & in stitches!



Tracey said...

Beautiful Barbara!! I love that fabric! And I love your mittens/gloves too. :) Where are you in SW MO? Do you ever shop at Stitches, Etc in historical St. Charles? I love that place. (my mom and dad live near there in IL, and I used to also.)

Sharyn said...
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Sharyn said...

I love your Valentine piece! What a sweet finish too!
Your mitten/gloves look very warm and I'm afraid you are going to need them alot this winter! The much awaited storm is here and we are looking at a possibility of 4-5 more inches on top of what we already have!

Dawn said...

Hi ~ I just came across your blog thru others. I love what you have done with this Valentine's pillow. I would like to know how to do the hanger ~ did you use fabric & braid it? How do you do it?

Mittens look darn cute. You have very nice nails.

My name is Dawn. I'm SAHM to 3 girls. Check out my blog. I haven't update it for a long time.


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