Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year....some stitching to share.

Hello Dear Friends,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and your 1st day of the New Year has gone well.

I've spent the past few weeks doing some stitching and thought I would share with you what I've stitched up and what I'm working on now.

The first photo is from Little House Needleworks, The Library. This design will probably take me some time, as it is larger than I normally do, but I do love it and I am enjoying working on it.

This next chart is also from Little House Needleworks. It is the first design in Diane's Christmas Ornament designs. This is Fa La La, and was a joy to stitch. I also have received the next ornament, Pear Tree. I haven't decided if I am going to make them into ornaments, or make a quilted wall hanging.

These next two charts are from the 2009 Just CrossStitch magazine. The top design is from Tanya Anderson, The Sampler Girl, Early American Motif Ornament. I stitched this chart with the Presencia Threads. The second is Diane Williams, Little House Needleworks, Winter Sampler. Both of these were quick stitches and turned out really well.

This next design is from Stone & Thread, called Bittersweet and Crows. I actually started this design some time day, and ran across it in my UFO's and decided to finish stitching it up. It turned out well. It is stitched with Valdani Threads, which were a pleasure to work with. I'm not sure how I will finish this.

These next two photo's are a Christmas gift I received from our son, Gordon and DIL, Tammy. It is a tote bag made from a uniform shirt that Gordon actually wore when he was deployed to Kuwait. This is a gift that is very memorable to me, as I am very proud of Gordon and his years he has spent in the US Air Force. He will be retiring this Wednesday, January 6, after 24 1/2 years of service for his country.

I have several other designs stitched up, but I'm a real proscratinator when it comes to putting a finish on items. Finishing is not what I call fun, however, I do enjoy using finished items to decorate my home. I actually have a large basket of stitched up designs, all needing a finish of some type......Someday!
You can click on any of the photo's to view them larger.


Fran├žoise said...

So lovely!!!!
Happy stitching
and Happy New Year

Becky K in OK said...

Great stitching. I like the new format of your blog too. The tote is wonderful.
Happy New Year.

Nancy said...

Happy New Year Barbara! Such wonderful stitchy finishes and in progress too. You've been busy!

I love the tote bag, and congratulations to Gordon on his retirement!

Nancy said...

Well first of course is that wonderful tote. What a great idea that is. I told my GD about it and she was familiar with them. Her Husband is Army.
I love all of your stitching, but especially the library. That is great. Can't wait to see it finished.
So happy to see you back to blogging.
I check everyday and have missed you.
Happy New Year to you and Wayne

angelasweby said...

Happy new year :>)
Your stitching is absolutely gorgeous. You 've been really busy. I love Bittersweet Crows, it's so primitive.

Your tote bag is every bit as amazing as you described it to us. What a wonderful gift and a constant reminder of your son's love for his country and his family. No wonder you are so proud of him.
Warm wishes Angela xx

silversara said...

Happy New Year to you! I love the things you are working on and I'm right there with you on the "need to be finished" pile. Love to stitch, not so good on the finishing part!

Nancy Woods said...

So pretty. Glad you started posting to your blog again. They are all lovely, but the snowman one grabbed my heart! Happy New Year to you and happy stitching!

Nancy Woods said...

Happy New Year! Loved your stitching and the snowman grabbed my heart. Thanks for sharing it on your blog!

Joyful said...


Your stitching is quite wonderful! By your profile I discovered that we are almost neighbors as I live in Marshfield!

I love to cross stitch too as well as design. Most of the designs feature Bible verses. There is a free design that you may like called, "His Name is Jesus" that has blessed many.

Keep sharing!


Cindy's Stitching said...

You have some love finishes. I have the charts for LHN will will be working on those also. Have a blessed new year.

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