Monday, January 11, 2010

Finally.........the temps are above freezing.

Dear Friends,

We are having a beautiful day here in SW Missouri, anyway in my area of SW Missouri. The temp is above 40 degrees, the sun is shining and the snow is melting. Fred has moved back to his back yard, at least for his day time enjoyment, but he will probably have to sleep in at night for a few more days. He and Maggie are in the back yard now running and playing.

Wayne and I are getting back to our normal routine. He went to coffee club this a.m. and has gone to lunch at the Senior Center today, then he is going to get his truck serviced and who knows what else he will find to do, but at least he can get out and about.

As for me, I moved the dust from one side of the roon to the other and ran the vacuum, cleaned the kitched floor, and have things pretty much back to normal. Now I can stitch or read or some of both.

Yesterday I put together some kits I want to stitch this new year. Here is a list what I have kitted up:

1. La-D-Da...Letters & Leaves
2. primitivebettys...Hope
3. With Thy Needle & Thread...Love & Be Loved
4. The Sampler Girl...Primitive Valentine Cupboard Sampler
5. Plum Pudding Needleart...Blessed Be (I've stitched this a couple of times for gifts, so now I want to do one for myself).
6. Little House Needleworks...Season of Hope...March, April, May/June, July, August/September, October, November. I have December, January, February stitched up.
7. Heartstring Primitives...I will stitch you in my Heart (I've also stitched this one for a gift, so will do one for myself now).

I also have some charts ordered that haven't come in yet that I want to stitch this year.

My WIP are shown below:

This is the LHN ornament series for this year. This is the second ornament, Pear Tree. I already have the first ornament, Fa La La stitched. I'm thinking about making a quilted wall hanging with these ornaments.

This is the SAL of LHN, The Library. I don't well with SAL's as I get side-tracked with other items to stitch, so if I keep up that's okay, if I don't, that's okay also. This is a beautiful design and one I am really enjoying working on. Of course, I love all of Diane's designs and have almost all of them in my stash.

This next design is from iStitch, called Sew in Love. You can see other charts from this designer at

I have deleted this photo, because I made a terrible mistake by showing way to much of the designers chart. Like the designers, who work so hard to give us each of these beautiful designs, I DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE WHO CHEAT AND COPY THE DESIGNS. I feel if people can't purchase the charts, they don't need to stitch! That's my two cents worth. Carol, I do apologize if I caused any problems for you.

I hope each of you are having a GREAT day, and can put lots in stitches in your fabric today.

Until Next Time,


Mzplcdokie said...

Looks like a great time is being had by all now that your temps are starting to rise. Your stitching looks wonderful and love the list of projects to work on this year.

Suzann said...

I so want to stitch The Library!!! It's just my style.
But I do love that Sew In Love too.
It's still blasted cold here in Chicago - but it's not too horrible today.

Heidi said...

Lots of fun plans for you this year. I am glad you have warmer temps now as I know you don't like the winter cold. I am loving it still! We walked to the pond near our house yesterday to watch the skaters. It is so beautiful outside with the snow...

Hugs ~

Cyndi Harris ~ said...

Lovely stitching. Makes me want to gather up "The Library" also! Please send some of your cold weather over here! It's too warm here for January.
75 to 80's!

Theresa said...

Everything looks beautiful Barbara. You're much further on with The Library than I am, I only started it on Saturday though and I'm waiting for Pear Tree to arrive in the post. I do like your idea of sewing these ornaments together into a wallhanging.

Nancy said...

Glad you and Wayne are able to enjoy your days now with the warmer temps. You have lots of fun stitching plans Barbara! I haven't even started Fa La La yet! I have the pattern, fabric and thread ready to go though, but I want to finish my Blackbird Designs sampler first. Nice WIPs!

Nancy said...

Well, it looks like you are going to be very busy. I just do one at a time. I don't like starting things and not finishing and that is where I am right now. I have to finish knitting a sweater for Zoe, just need to do the sleeves, and then my Warrior is waiting. Happy stitching, glad your weather is improving. We have snow coming down again.

Tracey said...

Glad that it's warming up for you! :) Your WIPs look great. :)

hazel said...

Your blog is looking lovely Barbara and I love the Pear Tree design you are working on. Such a lovely list of projects lined up to do, I find kitting up tiresome going thru fabric and threads, but saying that I do not like kits very much either. I usually work on one project at a time and try and finish it completly.

Hugs Hazel (UK)

Nancy in IL said...

Everything in your blog looks wonderful, Barbara! I love all the projects you've chosen (same as I have chosen, lol), and I think you're a fast stitcher!

Milly~ said...

Nice WIPs. Love how Pear Tree is coming out.

Renee said...

Great start on the Library!!!!

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Love the Pear Tree ornament design and you have a great start with the Library design. I also love your new mittens that you bought at Walmart - what a great idea to go to the sportmen dept.

Enjoy the nicer weather.


Sue said...

Oh my goodness, Barbara, looking at your WIP's and stash is like looking into my we have the exact same taste! Your work is just lovely!

gaohui said...

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