Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Reading....and watching the birds

Dear Friends,

I spent part of today catching up on some reading. Several weeks ago Wayne and I went to Joplin and I love book stores. I stopped in at Books-A-Million and picked up several books, brought them home and laid them aside, then Christmas came along and not much reading got done. So, today, was the perfect day to get them out and catch up. Two of my favorite authors are Laura Childs and Jennifer Chiaverini. I have all of Laura Childs, Tea Shop Mysteries, and have enjoyed reading each of them. I couldn't get into her Scrapbook Mysteries for some reason. She has a new series out, Cackleberry Club Mysteries. The first book in this series is, Eggs in Purgatory, and it is a fun, quick read. I really enjoyed it. So when the second book came out I had to have it, Eggs Benedict Arnold. The other author Jennifer Chiaverini is a quilter
and her books take place at a Quilting Manor. I also have all of these books.

Below is a photo of these two books I have started. I started one this morning, then picked up the other this afternoon.

While I was reading this afternoon, Annabelle, joined me in the Gathering Room to watch the birds at the feeders. Of course, Maggie Mae was sleeping on the couch and Fred was in the utility room, both very warm and cozy.

We are suppose to have snow tonight, with the temps at single digit tomorrow and Friday. I am not a Winter person, did you ever guess? So Wayne and I are staying close to home and close to the fire in our wood-burning stove. I hope everyone stays warm.

Until next time,


Nancy said...

Annabelle is a gorgeous kitty! It looks like she is well entertained.

Enjoy your books, and stay warm. They are saying we may get a little snow later today, but I'll believe that when I see it!

stitchenmylifeaway said...

"Everyone" look warm and cozy. I'm stiting the LHN Libruary, and monthly ornaments too. You've mad a good start.


Nancy said...

It is snowing like mad here again. It is not predicted to stop until Sat. AM. Oh nooooooooo. We just got in and the roads are starting to get covered. I worry about both my boys out on these roads, especially Eric in a semi and yes, he is out.
I love Laura Childs books. I have read some of the scrapbook mystery stories, and the tea shop books. I haven't seen the new stories.
Have a warm time reading. Keep safe.

Teri said...

Hi Barbara,
I just came on to your blog via primitive bettys ... I saw your finished piece there. I have been going through your blog and noticed that you had a chart from stone & thread that is really pretty.I would love to have their web address to get the pattern. You see I just finished the same Valentine freebie .... And I have not stitched in 35+ years! And I want to get back to it. Please contact me. oh, and BTW you do beautiful work!
Thanks,Teri @